Monday, March 13, 2017

Dr. Seuss Week- Part 2

Dr. Seuss fun continued on Thursday and Friday!

Thursday: Green Eggs and Ham

On Thursday, we read this classic Sam I Am story, finding lots of rhyming words along the way. Sometimes, the kids get so used to giving me words with initial letter sounds that they forget that words are made up of groups of letters, not single ones. After talking about that at circle time, we set off to centers ready to match words from the story.  Even though we couldn't read the words yet, we could read ALL the letters in the word to Ms. Heather, and make matches with careful eyes!

After all that, it was time for some cooking. Ms. Heather brought in a big griddle and we made some real green eggs and ham! Not everybody felt like being adventurous, but about half of us agreed with Sam I Am and thought they were delicious!

Friday: The Cat in the Hat

In honor of the troublesome and lovable Cat in the Hat, we all wore a hat to school on Friday!

We made hat shaped flip books with our "at" rhyming words, and cute Cat in the Hat masks.


We also modeled our wild wacky feet for a picture before taking them home on Friday:

Looking back at the week, we made a graph of which Dr. Seuss day was the best. We had fun every day, but the alphabet fishing on Tuesday and the oobleck play on Wednesday were the big winners!


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