Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thankful for Our Friends!

Several weeks ago, we started cutting out our colorful handprints- one each morning until we had cut out 16 of them. It was hard! All those twists and turns while we cut, and trying to keep all five fingers attached was a real challenge. But, little by little, our couple of minutes of trying each morning helped us get bettered better. Now we can cut out practically anything! The hands in the top rows of the first 2 pictures show our attempts the first week, the bottom rows show hands from the last week. What a difference!

We took all those handprints, and sorted them out so that each friend in class got a handprint from each person. We put those together to make giant turkeys that have feathers cut out by every child in class. We are so thankful for our all our friends!





Other fun this week:

We used those cutting skills to cut out and paint one more handprint for our little pilgrim pictures.

We finished up with our fall harvest materials by exploring them with color paddles, magnifying glasses, the scales and some rulers. We love being scientists!








We played some memory games too! Ms. Heather put a bunch of nature items on a tray. We took a good look, then closed our eyes while she removed one. Then, we tried to guess which one was missing. It was fun! (Some us like to put our hands over our  mouth to remember not to yell out the answer :) )

Completely unrelated to Thanksgiving, but exciting and fun was the introduction of wrecking balls to our block play!






We finished up the week with a special birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pumpkin Pie Day!

Today was a special cooking day for the 4s at WIPP! Both classes got together to make pumpkin pie and enjoy Thanksgiving centers together. We had 3 center activities: pie making, cutting out favorite foods from grocery flyers and gluing them to a feast plate, and pumpkin spice scented play dough. We also read stories and sang songs. It was such a fun morning to play and learn all together!













It smells so good!



Then, it was time to eat!












Thank you to all of our parents for sending in our ingredients!